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Writer, psychologist, traveler...

Chris Mabey

Chris is emeritus professor at Middlesex University Business School, London. He's held a career-long interest in developing leaders, first as a student counsellor for a Christian charity, then as an occupational psychologist with British Telecom and Rank Xerox plc. Chris has worked in a variety of sectors and countries as a management consultant, with a focus on executive coaching and leadership development in organizations. The more recent of his 11 books examine this from a spiritual perspective.

  • Mabey,C and Knights, D (2018) Leadership Matters: Finding Voice, Connection and Meaning in the 21st Century, London, Routledge
  • Mabey,C and Mayrhofer, W (2015) Developing Leaders: Questions Business Schools Don’t Ask, London, Sage

His earlier book Human Resource Management: A Strategic Introduction (1998, Oxford, Blackwell) has sales of 21,500 to date.

Chris has now shifted his writing to non-fiction storytelling to engage with wider leadership issues and a more diverse audience.

  • Mabey, C (2021) Whispers of Hope: A Family Memoir of Myanmar, Singapore, Penguin Random House
  • Mabey, C (forthcoming) The Language of Stones
  • Mabey, C (forthcoming)  Facts, Fiction and Faith

Chris and his Burmese wife April live in Milton Keynes, UK and have been involved in church leadership and community development for several decades. They have four grown-up daughters, each with children of their own.

"A Burmese woman really in earnest about her business is more than a match for any woman."
Sir George Scott